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28 octombrie 2010

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Comrade, what are you doing In the body to sink into the Hetang,UGG Stripe Cable Knit, when suddenly a hand clothes; I do not know why, the move suddenly aroused asics onitsuka yu hope of survival. The hand has become a source of help, asics onitsuka clinging to it, and finally with the help of well-intentioned people who climbed the shore. Clothes were wet most of the icy pond, good people watching seemed to faint at any time, quickly brought back to asics onitsuka own home.
Spicy fried rice fragrant spray, warm blankets, a hot bath, finally dying asics onitsuka recovered consciousness. Put on a clean, warm clothes, only to see the small lights that sit on a pair of middle-aged couples. asics onitsuka quickly climb up from the bed, kneeling on the ground to thank benefactors save me, asics onitsuka this life is difficult to repay the nearly middle-aged couple quickly propped up, letting everybody know can be incredibly
My name is Ye Yu Hua, a master tailor this. Asics onitsuka saved the lives of middle-aged mans smile revealed a simple and honest,UGG Boots on sale, this is my wife, after that acquaintance. What you are asics onitsuka sighed, slowly their origin. The couple revealed the look of sympathy; Ye Yu Hua is a university professor had this really what troubled world so be it, if you do not mind to live right here in our poor small households, while not rich, but the people still live in a No problem
So to thank two of the others although I think too much bother, but at this time asics onitsuka is no other solution. So tailor living in this house where, asics onitsuka gradually and this simple couple of familiar hard up. During the day watching them in the tailor sew clothing, evening will be hiding in a small room to talk about some of their economic theories. Professor of the students seemed to lose here, found some satisfaction and comfort.
The couple then has gradually become increasingly addicted to. Professor from the mouth of the profound, Ye Yu Hua became aware of his wife is a tailor can turn waste into craft, you can actually do business in foreign countries get rich Winter to spring,UGG Suburb Crochet Boots, all things Union Health; finally one day, Ye Yu Hua, could not come with asics onitsuka secluded backyard, whispered to Fu teacher, you said you can operate the clothing business, in the end right
asics onitsuka sighed and patted the shoulders of leaves hua Yu said that if the country returned to normal order, and with my asics onitsuka mind, coupled with your skills the couple, we can carve out a foundation in the business world. But now what troubled world, you do not do not know. And also we do not have the capital to do business, so Well,

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