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16 septembrie 2010

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She has spent, at a loss.UGG Boots? He dragged a hand down her will, he is like the movement of people, Shoujin so large that almost wring her arms, her tears have flowed pain, but inexplicably, only asked: “how do I a? ”
“How do you up?” He grinding his teeth, his eyes as to emit the fire, “I Yi Chi-dimensional in this life who did not take off, I had to give it to you!”
Her hair is so tangled in his hand, and she can not attend, and only looked up and asked: “in the end I did something wrong?”
“What? You less the fool with me!” He a fling open her, she staggered to hit the bedside light cabinet, but one he pulled her back, grasping her shoulders, “You’re a good tool, you eat easy to set up our home,Discount UGG Boots? right?”
His home is the easy pass today, talk to the East, do the East Yi and St interjection is really in love? Looks like he should like her to shreds, she tearfully said: “I do not Changhui Jia, St. interjection of something how do I know?”
He do not know why more places to launch angry, palm to slap her face, she was playing ignorant, and ringing ears buzzing, burning pain in her face, she sat down on the bed, stare at the him. He is just like a fury, like a lion, all of a sudden she pulled up in turn: “You and I wait till I! Also Dong Chexi say pull your sister, you do not have a enough? You Yijianshuangdiao more proud ah ! You do not have wishful thinking to provoke mass East, What kind of thing! you’re just spending money on a whim I bought a plaything, a woman like you, I see a lot more for the money, what are willing to sell out,Cheap UGG Boots? for the money, what means are used up, I have not on your when you go to seduce pass East? I warn you, farther away from him, otherwise, you will be careful! careful you and your company are not almost deprived of accommodation! ”
His words, like one by one, like a bullet hit her. She began to cry, and today she came to understand himself in what is the status of his heart, there is no difference between the original and Zhu Jiajia! Only her and the seemingly complicated factors,UGG Boots Sale? he spend money – to buy her a plaything to do!

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