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14 septembrie 2010

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Fan Ling left, Su Ge boring Duodao window, cheap mbt sandals?winter morning morning were a little late, or restore misty fog outside, dew condensation on the glass hit the small water droplets into a dense, Su Ge index finger on top of a cool program whiz, and just draw a clear nose and exhaled breath has been impeccably haze can obscure glass or clear out the defense, “Lin Feng”, a cross pricked with a flick of a write are drawn as heavy she was.
Ward quiet, like a huge tomb seat, the wind from time to time naughty off white curtains, the sound bit visible, who slept quietly in bed discount mbt sandals.
Sunshine broke through the clouds, light texture in the thin morning mist reflects the colorful gorgeous color, beautiful without knowing touch. Vaguely have several more birds coming from the front of the tree, the world began to follow the noise up.
Su Ge re-chair to sit down in the bed, her eyes moving slowly, the final freeze frame at that face pale due to blood loss, an astounding sense of familiarity. Long lashes like a butterfly’s wings with eyes on top, leaving chaos Ling, fell on both sides, exposing the forehead smooth and full, slightly thin lips tightly Min Zhao. No one can imagine, this sleep may wake up baby-friendly face, how much more devastating mbt sandals sale.
Su Ge could not help up his hand, gently Fuguo that eye brow that it cheeks. I remember many summer and autumn, they were tired, they fell to the grass under the trees was asleep, every time she first woke up, looked at the other two are still sleeping alone Enron secretly music, music After Cheguo next to a dog’s tail grass or climb Lin Feng Diejiao hand side, but often have to hand in the air when the attack would stop the greedy will scrutinize unconsciously from his face, thinking how the world so beautiful a face as much mbt sandals.

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