Mbt sandals other times is used to write songs

9 septembrie 2010

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Beijing’s air is penetrating everything.cheap mbt sandals? No matter how heavy the clothes you wear thick gloves, wearing what, who always wind pushes through the fiber and the fiber abruptly to narrow the gap between, like maggots on the tarsal bone, like doing the sticky on the skin, like the seeds of thorns under the bar towards the bone marrow as the cold depths of the root. Met each morning always feel like an action full of shards of ice cold body, the opening and closing of joints rigid, semi-solidified flow of blood.
Delivering newspapers in the meet to take over the job of the first day, while supplies last, when a newspaper leaning against buildings in the cement saw tears along the walls descend into the throat by a large breath of cold wind blew no sound years, the only tears big teeth big teeth to roll towards his face. Hot tears, is the only body part with the temperature. His throat was never issued before the “whining” sound?discount mbt sandals.
But the tears on the face for a moment, it turned into ice chips, dip it in the face, vertical and horizontal opening and closing, from the table to where curing, freezing, headlong into the skin and roots.
Since then, however, would never meet cried. At least as delivering newspapers never cried this matter. At most is to hear someone talk about “Beijing’s winter is not really cold,” this argument is BS-ing when it secretly in their hearts.
Still cycling, wear a bloated, in addition to all the cover up other parts of the eye. But the sharp cold seems to be carved in the retina of a hole, and then a camel as pervasive intrusion of mercury into the body?mbt sandals sale.
Because it is a small convenience store, only two staff, meet, and a section of the bridge called the boys.
Met for the first time I heard the name of the time boys laughed out, is a concept, broken bridge, anti-the concept, plot, how to listen to how funny, in that boys very politely said the word “Hello my name is the bridge section like him to teach “, the met lukewarm to Yang Liaoyang mouth, he simply said, laughing at or close to not know the” name really funny. ” The section of the bridge’s face is a full expression to swallow a tea eggs.
Meet from 7:30 to 19:30, then boys from 16:30 to 4:30, 4:30 to 7:30 convenience store close to three hours. So, that is 24 hours convenience store is 21 hours convenience stores. The section of the bridge at the same time meet and work within the time three hours a day.
Because the lot is not busy, are not concentrated in the business district or campus lots, so very little traffic, very often only met one person shop.
Head open white fluorescent, shelf tidy emissions. Occasional customer opened the door, the door hanging wind chimes will be issued by the voice of Buzz. Then looked up and said it will meet Welcome!
Half an hour of time is spent sorting shelves, half an hour is spent on settlement of accounts, there is half an hour to say “Welcome” and a smile on their teeth.mbt sandals? Other times is used to write songs.

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